Betty Grumble

Grief Cum with Betty Grumble

Hi, I am Emma Maye Gibson &  Betty Grumble. I am a performance artist living and loving on Gadigal Country. I pay my respects to this country and it's Elders past & present. Always Was Always Will Be Aboriginal Land. I invite you to use this ritual as you wish. Read it. Practice it. Even just saying the words Grief Cum have a magic release for you, for us, to explore. Let the words and the intention guide you. Cumming looks and feels different for everyone. You might like to touch yourself, you might like to dance it or cry it, have a bath, cook, garden, go to the toilet, gaze at art. It is all connected. Do place a hand on your heart and remember to Thank You Body. It's a pleasure to access this pleasure with you.


my name is a Betty Grumble and I believe in pleasure as a radical act /

I invite you into a ritual /

you might like to read this out loud /

or whisper it /

or roll it around in your mind /

this ritual is for you /

for Us /

right Now /

a ritual that has been passed down and along and now to you /

I pay my respects and gratitude to Dr Annie Sprinkle for seeding this in me / 

I invite you into massaging new membrane material / 

building some sweet soft stuff around your precious heart / 

your heart as it connects to your Sex …


here is a place where we can make space for              aching and yearning / 

be / where / you / are / at / 

allow yourself to Grief CUM / 

serotonin / dopamine / ecstasy / BLISS 

orgasm with intention /

tumescence / vasocongestion / swelling / swollen / hot / yes / hot / you are hot 

THIS is hot / 

here now in your divine body / 

Thank you body / 

Thank you body / 

Thank you body



sometimes when I grief cum I connect to tree energy ~


to the trunk / to the limbs / to the sapling / to the sap oozing /to the wet bark peeling back / to the life teeming with life / to the transmutation /

I see you / I see you feeling it / it that has no name but knows so much / so much big feeling / how amazing you have the capacity to feel this deeply /

allow it to undo you / undo /

undo undo un do do do do do do do

unravel / unbecome / unfuck / fuck and unfuck ~ GRIEF CUM ~

imbue this moment with the energy of fucking and unfucking / fucking ~ unfucking / like aroot system searches through soil soul /

the soil / the soul / the soil

the searching ~

pushing up the concrete / higher and longer and reaching / also so very still / and so very deep deep deep deep deep deep

deeper /

deep /

deep deep deep deep deep deep deep

in fucking time /

finger tips tender / you are gazing at yourself now /

what do you see / your amazing body / this body that carries you / this vessel / constant

pumping / processing / you

fuck you are so fucking hot

you are so incredibly deep with IT

pulsing /

you sink your teeth in tongue yourself / and you tongue yourself / you tongue your teeth

running your tongue all around your mouth over your teeth / you are hot hot hot hot hot hot

hot /

so full ~

in that fullness of feeling acknowledge the weight / like a leaf / canopy / leaf full of rain

heavy bearing the weight bearing the weight bearing the weight bearing witness ~

seeing listening receive it body /

ouff you can do it /

you can GRIEF CUM /

take that grief that is connected to all the sorrows in the world /

the things that have been

the things that have ended

the things that will never be

the loss

the nonsense of it

the absolute fucking ridiculous chaos

are you fucking kidding me

are you really fucking kidding me with this


cum /

its going to move

it will release

its infinite and its letting go /

and there is beauty ~

grieving in the radical beauty of all things ~

of you /

of you as a tree ~

ancient thing /

you fucking tree ~


rotting too





and again

it is a pleasure to spiral with you darling



So breathe, put on the saddest song / lay there /

touch yourself

welcome it

and let it go


fuck you.

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