drip(mix) presents: getting up while getting down by Sophie Forrest

Spanning, alternative, country, pop, R&B, soul and a sprinkle of 90s style house, this one is for the tastemakers and genre-splicers. Let the sultry blend of ambient textures, hypnotic beats, and sensuous melodies transport you to a world of intimate connection and fiery romance. Immerse yourself in these dreamy beats and let the music set the mood.

History of Mastrbation with Sarah Lorimar | Drip(feed)

Bio: Sophie Forrest (she/her) is an artist, DJ, label owner and promoter who bridges techno and electro with hints of jazz and soul. Her musical palette embraces diverse influences with a commanding presence on the dance floor and in the studio. As one of Australia's few transgender DJs and producers, she champions trans representation across the dance community, celebrating ambition, equality and talent in music.

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