drip(mix) presents: Babes, we're on at 1:30am by Brendan 

This is a playlist inspired by singing a few numbers at the club, starting with some enthusiastic pop for energy before moving into the space, slipping past sweaty bodies to some quality house. Wasting no time getting going, it climaxes with some indie pop before fading out with some classic gay tracks. Get in stupid, we're going inside outerspace!

History of Mastrbation with Sarah Lorimar | Drip(feed)

Brendan Maclean (he/him) is a singer-songwriter from Sydney. Perhaps as well known for his music videos as the music itself, Maclean (in)famously collaborated with Brian & Karl Films in 2016 to create House of Air, an explicit short film inspired by the 1966 essay Gay Semiotics by Hal Fischer. Brendan recently played the titular roles in the Australian premiere of Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical.

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