drip(mix) presents: 

Serenades for tender moments by Ayebatonye

This Playlist is for lovers of love, lust and intimate moments with those you want to be close. 

Ayebatonye Abrakasa is a DJ, artist, curator and Founder/Creative Director of Irregular Fit of Nigerian heritage settled on Gadigal Land.


Ayebatonye began DJing in 2011 after being drawn in by the allure of creating new sounds through mixing tracks together. In the last ten years she’s cultivated her own unique sound and is best known for her bold and eclectic sonic stylings. Not one to stick to any genre, Ayebatonye’s entrancingsets blend together an array of global electronic sounds rich with afrorhythms, deep percussive drum beats, house, techno, jersey club and more. Her range with sets has led to her supporting iconic artists including The Illustrious Blacks, Marcellus Pittman, Bradley Zero, Tyga paw, CC:Disco!, SPFDJ, Tom Trago and Underground Resistance.

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