drip(mix) presents: Out come the freaks by Edd Fisher

Edd Fisher has carved out a niche for himself as someone respected and loved by dancers and selectors alike. As a founder of Melbourne’s Wax’o Paradiso, you’re as likely to find him shucking oysters at the Cafe del Murray as you are to find him bringing down the proverbial walls at festivals like Golden Plains, Strawberry Fields, Dark Mofo, Pitch, and Love International.

As versatile a selector as they come, he casts a wide musical net over his DJ ethos, encompassing smoky cosmic balearica, charging industrial machine music and the soaring voices of the disco greats. He’s channelled this energy into Out come the freaks – a drip(mix) for the freaks, geeks and all night party peeps that he’s loved over the years.

No matter where you sit on the freak spectrum this mix is guaranteed to satisfy your desires.

You can follow edd on Instagram here.