drip(mix) presents: LUV2PLZDDY by Aunty Jonny

Aunty Jonny loves a big wet Disco session, with a capital D. Party boi and entertainer, they’re spicing things up in the bedroom, moving through waves of rhythmic explosions and exploration. Can you keep up with the gyrations this set demands?

LUV 2 PLZ DDY starts off slow and playful, then takes a hard dive into the deep-end, not before rounding off the railing with a bit of tender aftercare. Aunty Jonny may not be the best DJ, but they’re certainly the most enthusiastic and a wizard selector. You may have seen them heading Sydney’s Notorious Dollar Bin Darlings, or on stage and screen.

Jonny believes songs are like spells to be cast over the listener. Lay down and let the magic happen. 

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You can follow The Dollar Bin Darlings on Instagram here and reach their website here.