drip(mix) Presents: Gobby Weather by m8riarchy

m8riarchy’s music feels like it’s been written for you, creating a sense of belonging that leaves you wanting more. The artist and producer blends pop-leaning vocals and forward-thinking electronic music to create something utterly her own. Exploring expression, relationships and growth with tenderness and joy, her music and live shows have an uplifting quality that few can master.

She performs locally with Simona Castricum, bringing the untz to festivals such as Gaytimes, Hybrid, Something Unlimited and Golden Plains. Inspired by a deep love of pop, electronic and R&B music, she’s leaned into the latter for her steamy drip(mix). Captivating and erotic with a taste of m8riarchy’s signature magnetism, it hits all the right places. She well and truly understood the assignment with Gobby Weather – you have been warned. . . the forecast is hot!

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