drip(mix) presents Cruising by Simonetti

Hailing from Melbourne, Simonetti is an eclectic selector, producer and promoter of quality dance music and parties. He’s helping shape the city’s underground music scene with his dynamic sound explorations that transcend the dancefloor into high energy. His careful selections feature House, Techno, Acid, Electro and Italo.

In 2020, Simonetti co-founded Confide, a collaborative dance party. Confide was created as a means for relief, release and respect. His recent excursions into production have elevated his sets, establishing himself in the Melbourne queer electronic underground.

Like his live sets, Simonetti’s drip(mix) locks you into a groove from the very beginning. Cruising is confident, sexy and in control – just like it’s creator.

You can follow Simonetti on Soundcloud here and Instagram here.