Aphrodite was here by Mrs. Wallace

I like to think that if Aphrodite were alive and well, she'd definitely have a soft spot for r&b. This playlist is a homage to her and everything she represents — lust, love, pleasure, passion. Whenever I'm feeling femme x sexy x powerful, these songs are playing in rotation, heightening whatever I'm feeling, and the environment around me. 

Mrs. Wallace (Deans Amin) is an artist that the label ‘DJ’ doesn’t do justice. From co-founding and editing music industry magazine Melbourne Guru, to writing for publications such as Beat, The Music and The AU Review to her role as Marketing and Media Manager for one of Melbourne’s most iconic venues Section 8, it’s fair to say her passion for music influences all areas of her life. One of Melbourne’s most respected multi-genre DJs, she is as comfortable rocking the dancefloor at clubs and festivals as she is playing jazz, afrobeat and hip hop to more intimate crowds at some

of Melbourne’s best music focussed venues, all the while earning praise from some of the city’s most respected heads with her technical skill and ear for the underground.

You can follow Mrs Wallace on Instagram here.