Emil Cañtas

The Art of Giving Head with Emil Cañita

My name’s Emil, my pronouns are he, she and they and I’m an HIV-Undetectable, Filipino trans sex worker, a professional cocksucker, sexual health
advocate and emerging artist based in Naarm, also known as Melbourne. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the term before, HIV-Undetectable means that I’m on pills that protects me from the effects of HIV, as well prevent (i.e., eliminate/zero chance) the transmission of HIV to any of my sexual partners.

People living with HIV on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus to anyone and can lead normal lives. Different forms of methods are now available to

protects ourselves against HIV, please make sure you talk to your local sexual health clinic if you want to know your options.

In case you haven’t come across my work before, in the past year, I’ve managed to create a bit of an identity creating gloryhole-driven art towards the end of Melbourne’s notorious COVID-lockdown. 

For over a year, I’ve written about some of the countless lovers I’ve had (1, 643 visits in total, to be exact), documented some of my experiences with them, the stories we’ve shared in and outside of the hole and captured some truly hot & spicy content.

As you can imagine, from all of those visitors, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to give good head: on how to make men go out of breathe, have all of their toes curl in ecstasy, their body shaken to submission and leave them gagging for more.

In this two-part article, I hope to share with you what I’ve learned on how to give great head.

First, we’ll go through my learned principles of a great cocksucking, then I’ll introduce you to a blow-by-blow account of my SissyHole Blowjob Technique™. The following principles are what I’d also refer to as my foundations to giving head. I always make sure that I apply all of these whenever I’m between anyone’s legs.


As you can imagine, from all of those visitors, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to give good head: on how to make men go out of breathe, have all of their toes curl in ecstasy, their body shaken to submission and leave them gagging for more.


The Principles of Great Cocksucking

1. Use Your Lips

Communicate. The simplest way to know what feels good on someone is by asking that person directly. For example, very often I would ask my visitors how they like meat drained by asking them things like: do they like it sloppy or dry? Can I spit on their cock? Can I pull back their foreskin? Do they want me to bite on them? Do they like their balls being played with? Do you like the sound of me

gagging? How fast do you want it? Do you like it hard? Etc, etc.

Make sure to also check in with yourself: Do you really want to give this person a blowjob? Would you rather be doing something else? Is there something else that you enjoy doing more of? Do I want them to do something to me while I do this?

I think about learning about the other person’s sexual parameters like creating my own sexual playground. Once I know where the rides and rules are, I know what I can explore and what combination of stuff I can do with them.

Talk about the things that turns you on, too. For example, for me, I love it giving a sloppy blowjob with plenty of spit and dirty talking and I always make sure to communicate this to any of my visitors so they can let me know whether or not they’d also be into it.

Don’t Forget: Your Game, Your Rules. There’s no right or wrong way of giving head, it’s all about what feels great and right for both of you. 

2.Is Your Heart In It?

There’s nothing worse than getting something when you can tell that it’s not coming from a genuine place.

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned from hosting a glory hole has been is how my visitors

can always tell when you’re into them. 

Using a medium like a gloryhole, where the cockowner couldn’t see any of me, I had to learn how to communicate my desire towards them through other means: it can be in the sounds and moans that I make, by how much I’m salivating, to the amount of pull that they could tell from my lips, the different types of kisses and licks that touches different parts of them, to the simple words of praise that I whisper through the hole while I worship every inch of him. 

The “I love your cock”, “You tastes so good,” “I love your balls,” to “I can suck you all day”s.

There’s so much more to it than letting someone know how much you like them than through your lips.

Ask yourself, what else can I do to let my partner/s know that I’m turned on by them? If you’re not into it, or if you’re not feeling any chemistry, that’s also okay. Through practice and by listening close to myself, I now confidently stop

sessions when I know that I’m not enjoying it or if I’m not feeling any chemistry.

Remember: If you’re not into it, it’s not consensual & Like any great art, be intentional.

3. Not “Just A Hole, Sir.”

You’re so much more than a pair of lips. Practice and learn how to use your hands to stimulate other parts of your lover’s body, or use them in collaboration with your mouth, throat and lips.

For example, very often I would play and rub on the other person’s balls while I’m gliding up and down their cock. Sometimes, one or a few of my fingers are playing with their ass while I’m licking their shaft. Look into their eyes as they slide inside you deeper and deeper.

I could also be using a toy around their cock or around and inside their ass while I’m playing with their shaft. Journey around their body with your hands as you wrap your lips around them. Practice how to orchestrate a number of different sensations at the same time. Also be mindful of how sensitive to sensation the other person is. 

Sometimes, people can loose sensation by being overly stimulated. 

Check in with your partner as you introduce new things while your worship every inch of them.

Remember: It’s all about creating an orchestra of sensations and feelings for your and your partner.

4. Look After Yourself

Oral sex is one of the safest way to have sex since the presence and combination of acid and bacterias, as well as being connected to your gut means that you can’t get HIV from oral sex.

In saying that, you can still get other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and Herpes through your mouth or more specifically, the back of your throat. If you’re not in an exclusive sexual

relationship, make sure you check for STIs every three or six months or once a year, depending on how popular you are.

Make sure you ask your doctor for some throat swabs (along with some anal swabs, if you play down there, too) during your regular sexual health check ups. Very often people just get asked to provide a urine sample during their sexual health checks, and this leaves a lot of people not knowing if they have STIs in their other holes.

If you do get an STI, very often it’s treated after a course of antibiotics. Just wait a week and you’re free to have fun again!

Remember: STIs are a normal part of an active sex life. The only way you can be STI-free is if you're sleeping exclusively with another person, since STIs can be transmitted through your mouth and skin-to-skin. 

Having the perfect pair of blowjob lips, a non-existent gag reflex, or being able to open your mouth wide can help you give great job, but it doesn’t mean that you’re already good for having them.

Like any skill, practice makes perfect. Be patient with yourself and develop your own sexual power by being learning to communicate and by allowing ourself to explore your sexuality.

I hope this short introduction to my article will serve as a good foundation to when I introduce you to my blowjob skills next month... stay tuned...

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